Thursday, July 29, 2021

An Interview With Liverpool's Own Lee Ford


After deciding to strike out on his own in the depths of the first national lockdown after the Covid-19 pandemic had commenced it’s journey to forever change the world, Lee Ford is announcing himself as a fresh and exciting singer-songwriter ready to take the country by storm.

 Hailing from Liverpool and with several years of experience performing in bands around the city behind him, Ford is finally set to take his new found freedom and join the illustrious batch of solo acts that have sprouted from the creative waters of Merseyside.  

With two songs already under his belt; the infectiously joyous ‘My Best Friend’ and the exceptional ‘Where it Begins’, we already have an idea of the music Ford wishes to create. The retro sounding guitar hooks and Beatles-esque vocals of previous releases show an artist not afraid to wear the influences of the city he loves on his sleeve. 

After an excellent start to his solo career, we caught up with the proud scouser to discuss the past, the present and the future of his life and music. 

So Lee, how did you initially get into music? 

My dad had all kinds of albums when I was younger, Cast, Oasis etc and I got into them, I got a guitar one Christmas when I was around 12 maybe and taught myself, around 16 to 20 I dabbled in bands on and off the scene but never amounted to something, let the guitar gather dust and through the lockdown boredom I became inspired. 

Liverpool has a strong and independent identity, has that shaped the way you create your music?  

Yeah it really has, I think the local music scene is absolutely fantastic and I’m so proud of it, to be a part of it really drives you on to make good music and help fly the local flag! There are so many nods to local influences in my music.

You decided to branch out as a singer-songwriter during the initial lockdown, how did the circumstances of forced isolation inspire you?  

I think just having all this spare time on my hands with no distractions allows you to stop and think and that's where you start feeling inspired about subjects to write about. Going at it alone without any band members putting ideas on the shelf has really allowed me to be creative and have the freedom to just go with it. Before I knew it I had songs coming out of my ears so it's definitely been a productive process.

A lot has obviously changed in the 18 months since then, do you think your approach to music has changed with it? 

Yes 100%, especially lyric wise, I find there's so much to write about when you take that step back. I also find coming up with an idea with just the guitar, you have something in your head, but then when you're let loose in the studio you just get carried away.

Your latest single ‘Where it Begins’ is a brilliant track and has a real retro sound, what inspired the song?  

On the subject of the last 18 months - ‘Where It Begins’ is fully inspired by the lockdown. I'd had the music for a long time, like the riffs and the chorus melody, but it was originally a band project that never went anywhere. The song is basically a positive message through dark times and as soon as I had that in my head the lyrics just came in waves.

Now the world is opening up and gigs are back, what would a typical Lee Ford show look like?  

Lots of drinks in hands, lots of energy, lots of vibes, everyone getting involved, getting messy, getting sweaty. I can't wait to bring my songs to life on the live scene.

What can fans expect in terms of future music? 

I've got so much in my locker, so much music to bring to everyone. I wear my heart on my sleeve with my lyrics and there's so much energy going into these songs, so plenty of real songs with real relatable lyrics, big choruses and raw energy! 

James Ogden 

Image: Provided by PR

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