Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Slackrr Achieve Pop-punk Perfection with New Single ‘Waves’

The new single from Slackrr ‘Waves’ hits hard from the first moment and instantly you know you’re in for a good time.

Hailing from Southampton Slackrr have achieved an impressive amount in a short space of time. With over 200 live shows under their belt, a debut EP, a debut album, and a follow-up album on its way their work ethic is unbeatable. 

Slackrr’s own brand of feel-good pop-punk fused with emo and skate punk gives their music nostalgia which still fits perfectly within the underground circuit.

New single ‘Waves’ is so damn catchy. Slackrr excel at writing songs with hooks that are so ear-wormy you want to hit replay as soon as they end. The involuntary headbang comes inevitably with this track and right to the end we are treated to that feel-good pop-punk sound that we all need a bit of right now.

Slackrr are not just another 3-piece punk band slamming out 4 chords, they expand on this sound and fans of pop-punk love them for this. On ‘Waves’ lead singer and guitarist Scotty Perry’s guitar lines are imaginative and compliment bass player Cait Bowyer’s sounds perfectly as Bowyer holds nothing back with her performance and backing vocals. Super tight drumming from Joe Sammons wraps the whole thing up nicely setting the Blink 182-esque pace.

Slackrr’s lyrical content is another credit to the band mainly because it is not overcomplicated. Many pop-punk and emo bands tackle topics like mental illness and suicide which is a huge help to a lot of people, but Slackrr are in some ways a release from such topics. They keep it simple singing about relationships, getting dumped, and other stories of youth. They have a carefree image with ‘Waves’ which is seen less and less in modern music as new bands try to prove their depth by making each song super meaningful and as a result, can lose the fun from the music.

Listening to ‘Waves’ is a great experience, but it can make you a little mad if you didn’t write it. As a whole the track is perfect and nothing feels out of place. With live shows lined up throughout the summer up until the end of the year and a new album on the way Slackrr show no signs of slowing down, and for that we are grateful.


Louis Suffill

Instagram: @louis_suffill

Image: Official Single Artwork

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