Friday, June 18, 2021

SAMAS showcases their versatility with their powerful, daring debut EP

Sydney-based SAMAS presents us with their four-track self-titled EP, containing a bustling cocktail of genre influences from hip hop to punk rock to blues – the EP is a daring debut that perfectly showcases the band's immense talent and versatility.  

After forming in 2020 the band released their first singles ‘Nina’ and a personal favourite, the punk rock ‘Mr Policeman’, in which the band sing, Hey Mr Policeman, won’t you go the fuck away / hey Mr Policeman won’t you tell me to my face” in a testament against police brutality and misconduct that has been happening around the world – it's also sung in a maundering fashion that helps to elevate the fed-up tone of the song.  

The journey of the self-titled EP begins with the lead single ‘Drink Alcohol.’ a song that encourages you to feel the rush of life, living to the fullest and with no regrets, including lyrics such as “Live life fast as it might not last.’ The bustling, youthful energy of the song is also felt through the punchy punk guitar that brings, even more, adrenaline and fire to the song. It’s a perfect lead single that foreshadows the exciting energy of the EP.  

Let's go blues.’ is a classic blues-rock tune, seemingly very inspired by songs like Chuck Berry’s ‘Johnny B Goode’ as well as ‘You can tell’, although it has a short 2:08 runtime it still delivers the energy of wanting to get up and twist ‘n’ turn, just like any good blues song should.  

Outta sight Outta mind.’ drags you straight in with a gritty guitar, it reminds me of many late 90s, early 2000s British rock bands. It is once again a song that gives the listener an adrenaline rush mixed with an intense feeling of ecstasy. 

The finale of the album ‘Smokin.’, is a sullen, melancholy tune that brings us down from the adrenaline high and into a state of thoughtfulness and reflection, as the lyrics display a sense of defeatism and cynicism about the state of his own life, as well as the state of the world, singing “The whole world’s fucking broken / so lets smoke one / lets smoke one again.” 


Lian Lak

Image: SAMAS official EP artwork

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