Tuesday, June 29, 2021

‘Now is the Time’ to listen to Jade Bird’s new alt-country single!

Jade Elizabeth Bird, a British singer/songwriter, recently released a teaser for her upcoming album ‘Different Kinds of Light’ released on August 13th 2021. 

In a recent interview with Dork, Bird put it simply - ‘Now is the Time’ is “a big motivational anthem for someone I want to put my arms around or lift them in the darkest time.” 

She recorded the album (including this single) with the esteemed record producer Dave Cobb at RCA's Nashville studios. This is where influences from the surrounding music scene have bled into her own album, creating a harmonious balance between country, alt-rock and pop.  


There is no build-up, as the song jumps right into the upbeat guitar as if we were already listening. Bird lets the musical beat draw us in with a circular sound as the single both begins and ends abruptly, leaving no room to question its meaningful presence. 


With a heavy guitar base, a steady unwavering rhythm and a chorus with an upbeat feel similar to a movie track - lyrics like "Never have I ever seen a better day to get up/ Doesn’t matter 'bout the weather” accompany a motivational tune. 


Her strong vocals take a back seat in this song as the guitar leads. As the sound is overwhelming and encouraging, it is not until you listen a few times to the lyrics that you understand the depths of their meaning. 


The song is both uplifting and tragic, as Bird has set out to explore every shade of relationships, both the good and the bad. This contrast is shown in the lyrics “If I had a penny for all your potential, / I’d be left drowning, my mouth full of metal” as the song tells the story of watching someone you love suffer. 


Although her earlier release in 2019 had already set a high bar for the young artist, the new album has shown a growing maturity in her work. Bird credits this to her travelling over the last two years, which has helped in seeing things not only from her own perspective but from other’s point of view, all of which she has incorporated into her album. However, if this tease is to suggest anything, it is how incredible the final release will be.

Zarina Dempsey


Image: Now is the Time Official Single cover

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