Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Moon Walker Announce Themselves With Space-age Swagger and Societal Satire

January 6th 2021 will live in infamy as the date that to many, the American Dream finally died. As President Trump ordered a mob of thousands to storm the Capitol building, Moon Walker watched on as the world finally seemed to have fallen off the deep end, and clearly, they felt inspired.

Meeting in High School, Harry Springer (vocals/guitar) and Sean McCarthy (drums) would later go on to form The Midnight Club. 

Their initial project has been active for over a decade, however, as the pandemic hit and they were forced indoors, the pair created Moon Walker as a way to scratch their creative itch. 

‘The TV Made Me Do It’ is the second single the band have released after their sonically charged and angry debut ‘Tear Down The Wall’. This latest outing from Moon Walker see’s the pair continue their politically influenced charge on the alternative music scene. 

Starting with a funk-fused riff, the song soon morphs into a rock fuelled critique of modern society and the lack of responsibility engrained in the culture of the western world. “He always was an angel / The TV made him do it”  bemoans the band, which is almost a direct swipe at the thousands who ran riot in Washington on the whim of the outgoing President. It of course, became evidently clear that the protesters would pay for their crimes; and whilst the prosecuted begged their saviour for a pardon, the instruction never came, and hundreds now face the consequences of their actions. 

The visceral feel of the song continues into an otherworldly guitar solo that could blast you straight to Mars, something that seems fitting to a band so at odds with the world they live in.  As the solo subsides, Moon Walker take further swipes at the rioters – “We were following orders by the President and his owners” sings Harry, almost sarcastically, as he sums up the whole mood of a nation apathetic to the childishness of the ruling classes and their stooges. 

With their Rock ‘n’ Roll swagger and penchant for a political jibe, Moon Walker have burst onto the landscape of alt-rock like a breath of fresh air. After just two singles, it’s clear the space-age duo are ready to shoot for the stars. 

James Ogden 

Image: The TV Made Me Do It Official Single Artwork 

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