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Meet Andrew Cushin, the Geordie Singer Songwriter giving Sam Fender a Run for his Money

Twenty-year-old Andrew Cushin is a Geordie singer-songwriter whose fame is already on the rise beyond the local indie scene following his quick recognition from Oasis’ own Noel Gallagher.

Exploring modern-day masculinity and the idea of age and growth, the singer demonstrates a philosophical outlook beyond his years which feeds into the emotional accompanying music video.

Having only released four songs so far, his career is only just beginning but his fanbase is already huge. Starting his career strong by being signed to Sony and we can’t wait to see what he brings to the table in the future and the latest single ‘Memories’ lives up to those expectations. We spoke to Cushin about his inspirations and the ‘Memories’ that have fueled him to be where he is now.

We loved your latest single 'Memories' - tell us about it!

Thanks very much! ‘Memories’ was written in lockdown at a time male-mental health was seemingly worsening! Suicide rates were rising drastically and I think every male had a duty of care for each other, I recall asking my mates if they were okay on a daily basis, it was a frightening time.

The lyrics “what is a man and what can he do” was symbolic of the fact that we as men don’t know what we are really capable of. The duties we have to provide financially and emotionally for our loved ones are things that aren’t taught to us but are things that we somehow should already know. The sooner the pressure is taken off men in these scenarios I think we will see a huge decline in the suicide and depression rates.

This is your fourth single, do you think your music style or inspirations have changed much between the four tracks?

I’m definitely writing differently, working with Noel as aided in that massively. I also have a band together so I’m writing songs to suit their strengths. The next tune to be released is VERY different from the acoustic tracks but brilliant just the same.

With comparisons to Sam Fender’s huge success, do you think the North East is finally getting the recognition it deserves?

I think it’s a great time to be a musician from Newcastle. Sams obviously leading the way but he isn’t the only bit of talent. A band called the Pale White are also a great talent and as well as me being on the up there’s a few singer songwriters nipping at our heels. It’s a great time to be a geordie.

Do you have any favourite artists from the North East scene you'd like to name drop?

The Pale White are great!

How does it feel having worked with musical legends such as Noel Gallagher?

Noel is a top bloke, I owe that man a lot. It’s amazing to be surrounded by these people. It’s never been something I dreamt of or even aspired to become but being a musician really has changed my life. I’ll forever be grateful to Noel and Leigh for the involvement they’ve had in getting me to where I am. Hopefully it’s just the beginning.

How did the collaboration come about?

Noel had been behind the scenes for a while working with us, aiding in the record label etc...we were in need of a producer for ‘Where’s My Family Gone’ and contacted him asking if he knew anyone ... to everyone’s amazement he offered to do it! 

Are Oasis or NGHFB bands that have had an influence on your musical career? 

To be honest, anyone who writes and has something to say is inspirational to me, I’m definitely more of a lyricist than anything else. I take inspiration from Paul Weller, Noel Gallagher, Neil Young, Bob Dylan, John Lennon ... any ‘proper’ writers.

Are there any other 'Memories' so far in your career that are notable?

The whole Noel Gallagher situation sticks out massively but you know, I’ve met people like Carl Barat, Serge, Sam Fender,’s an amazing position to be in...not to mention supporting bands like Two Door Cinema Club. There’s still plenty more memories to be made but I’ve been remarkably fortunate so far.

Despite a lack of music videos in current culture you released a heartfelt video to accompany the release of ‘Memories’, are the need for music videos still important to you and your idea of music?

Music videos are a must in my opinion, they take the tune somewhere else...the video for ‘Memories’ is a very special one for me as I was able to get my grandad in the shoot. I’ll continue to make videos despite despising everything about being in them. I do feel they are an integral part of releasing music.

Featuring an older man alone in the pub throughout the ‘Memories’, is this image something bleak or comforting to you and your future goals?

The old man was my grandad, it’s funny because I’ve been virtually raised going to social clubs and that whole working class lifestyle. I think there’s a high chance that I’ll end up spending my latter years in a social club, playing darts and pool. They hold a special place for me. 

With the announcement of tour dates - are there any venues, in particular, you're excited about playing?

I can’t wait to play my headline gig at the Boilershop! Also the King Tuts gig in Glasgow will be amazing.

Questions by: Lana Williams & Emily Duff

@emily.j.d @emilyduffjourno

Image: Memories Official Single Artwork

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