Thursday, June 24, 2021

Manchester Outfit, Fuzzy Sun, Discuss the Release of their Catchy New Single, ‘Fake It’

Indie quartet extraordinaires Fuzzy Sun are back and better than ever with their lastest cut 'Fake It'. With their effervescent style and infectious attitude, the boys are no strangers to glowing reviews and raving recommendations.

Having secured supporting slots over the years with the likes of The Wombats, Two Door Cinema Club and Blossoms, Fuzzy Sun have steadily risen through the ranks and are solidifying themselves as one of the best new indie acts to emerge out of Stockport.

Their nostalgia-infused rock creations feature psychedelic pop veins and seductive harmonies that make for perfect summer tunes.

We had the pleasure of chatting with the band to discuss all things new music and their upcoming headline tour. 

With ‘Fake It’ being your first release of 2021 and with a new style we’ve not heard from your older music, is there a new album or era we can expect to see more of soon?


Fake it is the first single off a new 6 track EP we are releasing this year, so you can definitely expect some more tunes from us. Overall, I believe this is definitely a new era for us as well, I think we have found exactly where we need to be (for now). 


The upcoming EP is already gaining a lot of attention, can you give us any hints on what to expect from it?


There's a lot in there to be fair, influences from all over the place... Overall I'd say it's the stuff we are most proud of. Hints-wise, there's more honesty, aggression, & stimulation. 



I know Kyle described ‘Fake It’ as being “inspired by a dark time”, is this related to current themes of lockdown and the coronavirus or more of a discussion of general mental health issues?


A: If i'm being honest, it's definitely mental health, I've (kyle) struggled on and off with pangs of depression for a long time, and over the past year it got to some really bad points. I dont think lockdown has probably helped in certain respects, but the majority of this EP has been a response to mental health and a way of expelling/confronting some of these feelings. And I'd just like to say to anyone out there to speak up if anyone's feeling like that. Because I can assure you you're not alone. 


Gaining credit from NME and other publications, how much has this impacted your career?


It's always lovely getting credit from anyone, and yeah especially magazines we may have read as kids, featuring the big bands. It just let's us know we are on the right track hopefully and to keep pushing on. 


Arguably creating your most defined identity with ‘Fake It’, is this change a result of having such a long break?


Partially. We have had a long time to write and record these new tunes, and with ourselves producing it all, we have been able to craft something we feel extremely comfortable with,  without any outside pressures. But on the other hand, I think this is what we have been working towards since we started.


With upcoming shows in Nottingham, Newcastle and Manchester, can we expect a full UK tour for 2022?


For sure! We dont have anything concrete right now, but we are itching to get back out on the road, so we will definitely make it happen, one way or another.

Write up: Lana Williams

Q&A: Emily Duff

Image: Matthew Eachus

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