Sunday, June 27, 2021

Explore a dystopian neon metropolis with The Vaccines in new single, ‘Back In Love City’

Upbeat and perfect for summer, The Vaccines are back with their latest single, ‘Back In Love City’. The Indie-Rock band expands on their new Pop-Rock sound seen on their previous single, ‘Headphones Baby’, as we’re taken through the dystopian neon metropolis of ‘Love City’. 

Inspired by the fictional Los Angeles of 1982’s ‘Blade Runner’ and the real-life sin-city of Las Vegas and Tokyo, ‘Back In Love City’ explores the idea of emotional commodity in an era of societal disconnection whilst permanently connected.

Opening with bright, wide vocals repeating their return to ‘Love City’, the track jumps straight to the verse of spoken vocals underpinned by the rich twang of an electric guitar, reminiscent of 1960s Westerns. While the lyrical narrative explores this fictional dystopia where natural emotion is merely a product that can be topped up by purchasing more, this track is undoubtedly providing a commentary on society at large today and the effect the internet and our phones have on our lives. In the second verse, the lyrics take particular aim at the spread of misinformation in the lines “Can’t find the truth / If you don’t know where to look / Its as rare as real pleasure / And celebrities at shows”. The upbeat happiness of the chorus juxtaposes the message of the lyrics, having spent all emotion we must return to the place that artificially provides us with more.

While the sound of this new single may lean more on the side of pop-rock than the band's staple indie-rock sound of their beloved debut album, the familiar quintessential sound of The Vaccines is present throughout and most notably in the instrumental breakdown towards the end of the track with the raw twang of the electric guitar.

Serving as the title track for their recently announced upcoming 5th studio album, ‘Back In Love City’ is set to be released on 10th September 2021. Recorded in El Paso, Texas the band worked with previous collaborator and producer, Daniel Ledinsky on the LP. The sonic changes showcased on the first two singles from the album and the thematic focus provide an exciting insight for what is yet to come. 

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