Friday, June 04, 2021

Escapades Take Us On A Journey Through Space On ‘Star Collisions’

Marking the start of an exciting new era for the band, ‘Star Collisions’ is Escapades first release since their single ‘Sideliner’ in 2019. It sees them revamp their social media, switching out a black and white theme in favour of adopting a dark blue aesthetic.  

They cite an incredibly eclectic range of artists as having influenced them whilst writing the track, including Jorja Smith, Foals, Wolf Alice, Bombay Bicycle Club, and Greentea Peng.

At the beginning of the track, it is driven only by a vocal melody and a grooving bassline. As the song progresses, the layers build up gradually, introducing a drum beat and shimmering keys about halfway through the track. 

In the outro, these drums increase rapidly in intensity until they completely dominate the instrumental of the track, along with a powerful electric guitar riff, before these instruments cease entirely in the final moments of the song to leave behind soft, humming vocalisations and gentle guitar strums.

‘Star Collisions’ unsurprisingly speaks of themes of space within the lyrics, with the opening line “Star collisions in the dead of the night / I want to see what’s up in space” which evolves throughout the track into a confession of love (“Star collisions in the dead of the night / I’m lost so often in your eyes”) and subsequent feelings of uncertainty (“Star collisions in the dead of the night / I want to see who’s in your eyes”). These metaphorical comparisons are used to highlight the risk that comes along with making yourself vulnerable when falling in love: “Just a little bit of what I call danger”.

‘Star Collisions’ contrasts entirely to the band's previous single ‘Sideliner’, primarily because the vocals of ‘Star Collisions’ are performed entirely by a female vocalist, whilst ‘Sideliner’ featured only male vocals. Having two hugely talented vocalists of opposite genders within the band is a huge strength of Escapades’ music, and it is a crucial and vital part of the band's appeal, establishing a diverse, varied, and unpredictable sound from single to single.

Gemma Cockrell


Image: Star Collisions Single Artwork


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