Saturday, June 19, 2021

Electrobuddha Releases Psychedelic Rock Single ‘Biba Love’

Hailing from Scotland, Mark Hamilton McCaffer (Electrobuddha) has been described as sounding like “the Stones with Hendrix and James Brown on decks”. Before starting his one-man solo project, McCaffer studied as a vocalist at Strathclyde University and was mentored by the legendary Lorna Brooks.

Following his studies, he traveled to Stockholm where he worked as a local stagehand and rigger for Live Nation Sweden. 

Now, he has returned to his home in Airdrie, Scotland, and recently completed a postgraduate in Songwriting at UWS University Scotland.


To date, he has released three full-length albums under the moniker Electrobuddha. His most recent album ‘The Psychedelic Kid’ was released in 2020. Since its release, he has also put out two new singles so far in 2021, the most recent of which is titled ‘Biba Love’, following on from ‘She’s Electric!’ which was released back in May.


Lyrically, the track tells the story of being infatuated with a female DJ. This is a feeling which McCaffer describes as ‘Biba Love’ since the DJ dresses in a Biba fashion style which causes her to “stand out from the crowd”. He also appreciates her passion and love for retro music (“She spins her vinyl records”).


This infatuation proves to be mutual, as Electrobuddha sings “she took me back to her place” and “we chased the rabbit right through until the dawn”. This is a lyric that is repeated and emphasised throughout the song.


‘Biba Love’, much like the rest of Electrobuddha’s discography, takes on an alternative psychedelic rock sound. It opens with a grooving bassline, which serves as the driving force of the track. This then becomes distorted, to add texture to the instrumental. The highlight, however, is the guitar solo, which becomes the instrumental focus halfway through the track, serving as an interlude at the song’s two-minute mark. 


Overall, on ‘Biba Love’, Electrobuddha continues to fuse alternative rock, blues rock, and psychedelic rock to create a nostalgic yet innovative sound.

Gemma Cockrell


Image: Biba Love Official Single Artwork

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