Friday, June 18, 2021

Brighton powerhouse Stranger Girl provide excitement through their unpredictability on debut EP ‘Black Hole Radio’

In an interview with Music of the Future, Stranger girl described their music as “Indie nerd pop” and on their debut EP ‘Black Hole Sun’, the Brighton-based quartet certainly live up to their own description. 

The band features lead singer Melissa, whilst Andrew on guitar, Joe on Bass, and James on drums provide a perfect foil for the singers’ introspective lyrics and incredible vocal talent. With a slot on BBC introducing already behind them, Stranger Girl have gone from strength to strength during the past two years. 

Now, on their debut EP, they are finally ready to break into the consciousness of all music lovers.


EP opener ‘Damage’ is a clearly 80’s inspired number, with its reverberated guitars and snappy drums. The vocal performance from Melissa is reminiscent of Siouxsie and the Banshees; whilst the lyrical themes of brutal honesty and self-growth sounds like it could feature on a movie John Hughes would have been proud of.  The lyrics “Yeah I’ve got baggage like you hardly would believe” is proclaimed proudly and defiantly by Melissa, over a chorus of power chords and crashing symbols.  

‘Guilty Games’ finds the band turns to a more punk ethos, with spikey, distorted chords and tight drumming. The main guitar line found in the song is extremely reminiscent of the early noughties, indie classic ‘Float on.’ Suggesting a band influenced by the garage rock ideals of the turn of the century. 

A knack for an excellent hook can be found on the third track and lead single ‘Powerhouse’. The song, a three-minute delve into the fears and self-loathing that comes from a feeling of failure and frustration that many in their early 20’s can relate to, is a superb display of the singer's excellent vocal range. It’s made all the more impressive by the upbeat and catchy music of the song, creating a wonderful juxtaposition between the melancholic lyrics and optimistic sound. 

The latest single ‘Spitballing’ begins with an electronic keyboard before evolving into a pop-punk goliath of a track. The sound, delivery, and structure of the song are reminiscent of the radio-friendly, American alternative of the late 90’s, whilst the themes of frustration continue as Melissa bemoans that she’s “Doing all I can do / Still I feel like I’m losing it”. The slow breakdown in the song eventually crescendos into a cacophony of power chords and chanting melodies. 

EP closer ‘Bad Side’ is an excellent example of how Stranger Girl can surprise you with the direction of a song. Never does the track allow the listener to settle, with its twists and turns providing a rollercoaster of sonic sounds that create a sense of excitement and urgency. 

On their debut EP, Stranger Girl have proven themselves to be an exciting band with a multitude of musical avenues. Never do the band let you settle into a song, whether it be with a superb vocal hook from the uber-talented Melissa, or a breakdown performed by the excellent band behind her, there is always a sense of excitement in their music.  

Maybe it is their inner nerds that create such an intriguing and unpredictable sound. Either way, Stranger Girl certainly knows how to make an entrance. 

James Ogden 

Image: Julia Nala 

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