Sunday, June 27, 2021

beabadoobee talks lust and longing in new track, ‘Cologne’

Within the whirl of coming-of-age classics that is beabadoobee’s new EP ‘Our Extended Play,' can be found her sultry new single, ‘Cologne,’ and with it, a punchy and chaotic music video. Released on June 23, ‘Cologne’ represents a new musical approach for this artist, not because of its sound or style, but because of its lyrics and concept; this is a track about sex and wanting to feel desired rather than loved.

In terms of sound and musical concepts, fans will be nothing short of pleased. Classicly to beabadoobee’s style, this track is an indie theme tune to young adulthood. A catchy guitar riff paired with heavy and repetitive drums, alongside beabadoobee’s signature angelic voice, is a tried and tested method by the artist - one that brings up successes time and time again. 

Just as much as the other tracks on this EP, ‘Cologne’ is about growing up. Although she may sing of wanting to be perceived as “seductive," she also asks, “am I good enough," reminding us that, as a young adult, she still maintains that youthful desire for approval. Similarly, beabadoobee repeats throughout the track that she “hate[s] what this song is about." She claimed in an interview with i-D that, although the topic of this song feels particularly mature for her, she still finds talking about sex “awkward." This is perhaps why singing and writing about friendships, first loves, and making mistakes has come naturally to beabadoobee, and thus, become so integral to her music; because these are concepts she finds comfort and beauty in exploring. However, in stepping out of her comfort zone and sharing this side of herself with her listeners, she is projecting maturity by showing vulnerability in her music. 

The music video, directed by The Rest, depicts a group of beabadoobee’s favourite delinquents out to cause trouble and have fun. However, beneath the kidnapping, robbing, and gun firing, it is apparent that this video is not so dissimilar to other music videos from the artist. This is because, much like the music video for ‘Last Day On Earth,' the focus is brought towards finding beauty in the details of friendship; passing a lighter between themselves, top-and-tailing in a bed, driving along in comfortable silence thanks to the years of knowing each other. 

This video may not appear to be instantly synonymous with its track - it is about friendship rather than sex, and teenhood rather than adulthood - however, that is why it works. beabadoobee doesn’t need to indulge in the fact that she is discussing sex and, just like the group of people in the video, she is kicking back against the expectations that are put onto her as a young artist and employing this track as a vehicle for this message.

Tickets for beabadoobee’s tour go on sale soon and you can sign up to pre-register now. In the meantime, head to YouTube to watch the music video for ‘Cologne’ and let us know what you think.

Maddie Bridger




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