Saturday, June 19, 2021

'3a.m. Thoughts’ by Twelve. takes us up North in a way that we’ve missed

The North has gifted us another exciting new band with Twelve., a four-piece from North Yorkshire with a new single ‘3a.m. Thoughts’ which sounds like an early Arctic Monkeys track; raw but bursting with potential. 

Upon first hearing, ‘3a.m. Thoughts’ is an easy listen with catchy riffs, a common assumption made of new indie tracks.

Images of being in a field with a can of cider swaying along come to mind, however after a few listens you notice a couple of things that disprove this assumption. 


The first is the lead singer, Luke Ryder, who has a grit to his voice that grabs a listener's attention straight away, with vocals reminiscent of Van McCann. Lyrics like “And if the truth slips from your lips/ then she’ll completely fall to bits” send a memorable message but in a truly British way that fans are sure to respond to. There is a poetry to Ryder’s lyrics that demonstrates how seriously he takes his writing which is something that will remain stand out for Twelve. 


The second is the musicianship within the band. Drums from Ross Ingham are controlled but explosive, and guitar players Lucas Turvill and Tom Brady are unafraid to play a catchy riff but also entwine together in a seamless way that is usually reserved for bands with years more experience under their belt. The band has a certain charm and confidence which can’t be forced, it is either there or it isn’t. 


Twelve. are exciting as they are the next generation of British music. Each new wave of bands uses the best of the music they grew up hearing and bands like Twelve. grew up on The Arctic Monkeys, Catfish and the Bottlemen, and Blossoms. They are the start of the new wave of British indie bands, and if ‘3a.m. Thoughts’ is any indication of how these will sound, it’s looking pretty good for us fans. 


Daisy Fitzgerald

Image: ‘3am Thoughts’ Official Single Artwork

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