Sunday, May 09, 2021

Willow Smith Dominates the Punk-Rock scene with her 'Transparent Soul' ft. Travis Barker

The R&B Singer-Songwriter Willow Smith's new EP single Ft. Travis Barker from Blink-182, 'Transparent Soul’ was released on April 27th, 2021. Prepare to be astounded as Willow transforms into an edgy punk-rock scene girl, and the results are magnificent. 

If you're a fan of Willow Smith, then you're no stranger to her Alternative R&B and Neo-Soul songs, such as 'Whip My Hair' and 'Time Machine.' For her Fifth-upcoming album, Willow collaborated with Travis Barker, drummer of Blink-182, for 'Transparent Soul,' experimenting with post-punk and early 2000's alternative rock sound.

Critics have compared her vocal style as being similar to Paramore’s Hayley Williams. Despite some of the negative commentaries and opinions, Willow has nonetheless dominated the punk-rock scene and transformed herself into a glamorous rock and roll diva.  

At the beginning of the song, Travis Barker's drum solo cues as Willow plays a melodic bass solo, adding high-energy pop-punk vocal cords. “I don't fuckin' know if it's a lie or it's a fact/ All your little fake friends will sell your secrets for some cash/ Smile in my face/ then put your cig out on my back.” Here, she is describing deception amongst acquaintances and greed as a motive to get ahead. Her vocal range and powerhouse guitar picking line perfectly with the undeniable king of punk-rock drumming, Travis Barker. 

Her songwriting has been developed by speaking with her Shaman, which influenced her to create the chorus. Most importantly, her inspiration was due to following in her mother's footsteps, Jada Pinkett Smith, former frontwoman for the nu-metal band, Wicked Wisdom. Willow's lyrics dig deep about negative personal encounters and the two-faced characteristics of those surrounding her circle: “Transparent soul I can see right through/ just so you know.” Her soft angsty voice delivers a perfect pitch for this solo chorus.

The music video, directed by Dana Trippe, embodies the 90's punk rock scene and captures Willow's vivacious personality. Here she seems absolutely liberated while remaining undeniably fearless. Willow's outfits, makeup, and shredding guitar were also a major part of this song's success.

Be sure to check out her single, and expect the fifth album sometime this Summer 2021.

Cristabell Fierros
IG: crislahipster
Twitter: crislahipster
Image: Courtesy of MSFTSMusic/Roc Nation Records

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