Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Total Brutal’s Gorgeous New Indie-Pop Banger Will Be The Sound Of This Summer

Total Brutal’s newest track, ‘Had A Feeling’ is a dreamy, spacey delight, with the listening experience ironically opposite of the artist's name – total bliss.

The new single from LA-based singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Emily Moore was released towards the end of last month (April 23rd) and is without a doubt her best release to date. This new track has a dreamy, relaxing, honey-dipped sound that evokes imagery of a drive to nowhere, with the windows down as the sun slowly sets over a calm blue ocean.


Impeccably mixed and precisely produced, the vocals are beautifully balanced and fit well within the mid-layer of the mix, not overpowering, but defiantly present. Snappy yet light snares pair effortlessly with a driving, velvet-like bass as both instruments really take command in this 3:45 minute tune.


The intro kicks off with some dreamy ascending synths, giving an ethereal, underwater vibe to the tune and catching the listener's attention instantly. The aforementioned punchy snares and smooth bass then appear and keep that attention, hypnotising you as the track continues. There is accompaniment by some faint keyboards in the background and an earthy electric guitar which really help flesh out the song, despite its overall rather linear sonic presence. The doubling of Moore’s sun-bleached vocals in the chorus help to add to the dreamy vibe, weaving harmonies into the mix effortlessly.


Lyrically deep, the song recants a tale of the loneliness, isolation, and uncertainty of the past year: “Should I sit around and waste my time / Hoping that the world aligns”, sings the Southern Californian.


This track - released under Honey Panda Records - has somehow only managed to pick up a few thousand streams since its release which, to me, is completely baffling.


Moore’s solo project has just over 2,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, a criminally low number, but after the release of this tune I wouldn’t be surprised if this number began to skyrocket – it simply outperforms these statistics and should propel the Total Brutal project into a much bigger spotlight.


Dan Jones

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