Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Ten Easy Payments are out to correct our dangerous path…

…and their new single ‘Things Can’t Stay the Same’ is showing us the way.

Southern California’s Ten Easy Payments arrive with their first official musical release in close to two years with ‘Things Can’t Stay the Same’, a sun-bleached cautionary single hoping to inspire environmental change as another summer approaches.

Reflecting on March 2019’s ‘Waves’, all signs pointed toward an exciting new sound by way of Ten Easy Payments’ incorporations of noirish horns and easily digestible, sunny guitar lines. Despite releasing a brave and progressive debut single, the following tumultuous couple of years could have easily sabotaged the creative trajectory of the group.

Instead, ‘Things Can’t Stay the Same’ marks a change of direction into an arguably more commercial and infinitely more polished sound, as brass and hard-edged refrains subside with summery keys and a falsetto delivery sprouting in their place. Channelling ‘Bobby Jameson’ era Ariel Pink, Ten Easy Payments are showing the potential of a young rising band on the cusp of radio and indie success.

Lyrical richness is by no means sacrificed either, as Jarod Lewins delivers a tasteful awareness of the wide economical and environmental implications of the current climate disaster- “While families stay one bill away from ruin we're asked to slow down, slow down”. Instrumentally, Ten Easy Payments certainly tone down the complexity found on ‘Waves’, though Kyle Richardson’s wandering guitar line marks a real highlight through the final leg of the track.

In a tight three minutes, Ten Easy Payments show their potential in the crowd-pleasing indie scene, all while providing a valuable sentiment severely overlooked in the mainstream musical media without becoming ensnared in the clichés which more often than not appear in similarly themed efforts.

If Waves wasn’t already a display of early, rising talent, ‘Things Can’t Stay the Same’ shows that Ten Easy Payments do not plan on slowing down.

Alex Lamont


Image- Single Artwork

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