Saturday, May 08, 2021

Stripped back and subdued: Fran Lusty’s ‘You Don’t Know Me'

From influences like Phoebe Bridgers and Julien Baker, up-and-coming indie-folk-pop artist, Fran Lusty, has near-perfected that folk-pop blend down to a fine art in her new single, ‘You Don’t Know Me.’ 

Lusty knows exactly what her strengths are and plays to them in this somber song that hits with the same anger she must have felt writing the song “in a moment of frustration after having struggled to turn down a guy.

She encapsulates that feeling that many women know too well: when a guy just won’t accept the word ‘no’. The chorus serves as a thesis to the entire song, the repetition of which reinforces the idea that she feels she owes the guy an explanation for turning him down. She lists various reasons for turning him down which grow increasingly inventive; “I’m not leading you on / I’m just being kind,” and “I should be true / I’m just not that into you.”

The way the song builds is especially mesmerising; the first chorus stands mostly alone with a melodic but simple guitar instrumental. Another layer is added to the song when Lusty sings the lyric, “But you don’t know me, no / You don’t know me at all”, signifying just how little the stranger does know about her. The pairing of the guitar and beat gives the song an upbeat, blissful vibe whilst the sombre lyrics provide an endearing contrast. 

Lusty has already established a recognisable style with her previous songs ‘Don’t Pollinate’ and ‘Ladybird’. It is this effortless, stripped-back style over a simple beat in ‘You Don’t Know Me’ that is sure to draw comparisons to indie and bedroom pop artists such as Cavetown and Clairo. 

The track, which was recorded in Lusty’s bedroom, confirms to us that we have some really exciting music yet to come from her and the excitement is only built upon how much she is already experimenting with her sound. 

- Zoe Wheeler 


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