Saturday, May 22, 2021

Psych rockers The Creature Comfort take haunting new turn in latest release, ‘And You Know It’

Louder Than War had once proclaimed that Manchester psych-rockers The Creature Comforts should be “held in the same high esteem as Joy Division, Stone Roses, Oasis”. 

While their oeuvre so far has been so much more diverse, even comparable with that of The Velvet Underground, such as in the track ‘Cool Spot’, or channelling easy foot-tapping pop-rock as evident in the track ‘Sauce’, the Louder Than War proclamation seems confirmed in the band's latest track titled ‘And You Know It’. 

Narrating a tale of a fallen angel seeking “a little peace, love, and understanding”, the moody track seems to truly draw serious inspiration from Joy Division. 

Instead of merely replicating the kind of tempo and baritone vocals that Joy Division is praised, even parodied for, the track taps into emotionally moody energy while sonically uplifting it into the realm of layered and textured alternative rock, which is slightly different than a possibly lighter approach in the past. 

The song is adorned with moments and transmutations of what they’ve aptly described as “QOTSA-style intensity” and is undeniably catchy. And yet the single takes a radically darker, much more loaded approach than their usual topics of interest in terms of lyrical song-writing. 

Unlike the evidently playful approaches in lyrical songwriting in their previous works, ‘And You Know It’ is an almost gothic, haunting exploration of darker, sinister forces, and the band approach the idea with seriousness without necessarily having to relent to it, and keep their trademark psych-rock approach, by keeping it loud, fast, and heavy. 

The single suggests an interesting turn of interests and newer explorations of their own set of influences in terms of content and sound in the future.

Their forthcoming second album ‘Everything Is Hidden’ which will be out on the 25th of June.

Image: The Creature Comfort 'And You Know It' official artwork

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