Monday, May 24, 2021

No Suits in Miami: Buffy – Slaying More Than Just Vampires

Swedish Indie-Pop band, No Suits in Miami, have a new, upcoming single that’s in the same vein of the sound that their fans have come to love, entitled ‘Buffy’

No Suits in Miami have become known for their exciting instrumental preludes, contrasted with Dzogeva’s angelic vocals. ‘Buffy’ doesn’t stray far from this formula, but its fast-paced and crashing drums create a wholly unique style within No Suits In Miami’s catalogue. 

‘Buffy’ begins with a burst of screeching feedback, to instantly capture the listener’s attention. This immediately transitions into a powerful but poppy guitar riff, accompanied by a high-tempo drumbeat.

The pace slows as the vocals are introduced, bringing the rhythm to a slower tempo before the lead guitar blasts out once again. It’s a great change of energy that will keep you coming back for more. It’s a structure we’ve seen many times before, but it feels fresh as ever in ‘Buffy’. No Suits In Miami have nailed their formula in this track. Although, the production of the track is also very clean, which is unusual for an indie band.

No Suits in Miami tend to accompany their high-energy instrumentals with sombre lyrics, and ‘Buffy’ is no exception. It’s a trend that’s been used historically, by bands such as Pearl Jam, but it works very well here. Alone, the lyrics and the instrumentation would be less impactful. However, when used in tandem, it creates a cavalcade of ethereally joyous emotions in the mind of the listener.

The riff itself is interesting – it may give some listeners flashbacks to pop-punk bands of the 2000s. It carries attitude with it, but also a familiar structure that most audiences will be able to connect with. 

It’s nothing we haven’t heard before, but ‘Buffy’ is still a welcomed addition to a nostalgic genre.


Jimmy Johnson

Image: Buffy Official Artwork by No Suits in Miami

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