Sunday, May 23, 2021

Morning Trips Launch An ‘Assault’ On Modern American Life With Their Latest Single

Florida-based four-piece, Morning Trips, have unleashed their latest single, ‘Assault’. The song is a punky and aggressive expression of what life has truly been like as a young person living in America throughout recent years, tackling important topics such as corruption within the government, unjust policies, and widespread discrimination.

This unapologetic and brutally honest anthem about current affairs proves that Morning Trips are unafraid to use their music to spark difficult and potentially uncomfortable conversations. These modern and relevant themes correlate with the band’s ultimate ethos: “We want to create open, progressive, and diverse music for people from all walks of life to find something of solace in,” songwriter and band founder, Brady Lynch, boldly declares.


‘Assault’ kicks off with a pleasant and summery classic indie guitar riff which leads into an easy-going verse. However, the chorus of the track takes a completely contrasting tone; an outburst of hard-hitting shouted vocals, accompanied by heavy punky guitars and clashing drums, driven by forceful and determined passion, “I am not the inmate / I will not intimidate / I am not the inmate / Assault”.


The bridge of the track uncovers Morning Trips’ exciting and experimental tendency to explore other genres within their songs. It provides another extreme shift in tone as the guitars are suddenly switched out for an amalgamation of electronic beats and shimmering synths, mixed with some autotuned and distorted vocalisations. ‘Assault’ then returns to its chorus once more to bring the track to an explosive close.


‘Assault’ is worlds away from ‘My Parade’, the band's previous dreamy-shoegaze release. This diversity in sound is a testament to the band’s impressive and admirable ability to execute multiple different subgenres within the indie realm in their music. They are a forward-thinking force within the genre, pushing for unique experimentations whilst simultaneously remaining true to the spirit of indie-rock.


Gemma Cockrell

Twitter: @gemma_cockrell

Image: Assault Single Artwork

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