Thursday, June 03, 2021

L'objectif's single 'Burn Me Out': An Impressive, Introspective Track from a Band Wise Beyond Their Years

The latest single from L’objectif entitled 'Burn Me Out' is a moody, shoegazey indie tune that exudes the young band’s ambition for musical experimentation and risk-taking. 

Initially, this track feels reminiscent of the Smiths with some classic Mac DeMarco guitar tones mixed in, undoubtedly alternative but not afraid to be catchy.

After more listens it becomes apparent that this band are not here to emulate the typical new indie band and has a hint of something new to bring to the scene that can otherwise be saturated in mirror images of other bands. Their self-assured quality and their undeniable performance and writing chops could explain why they have already been signed to Chess Club Records all before any of the members have turned seventeen.


Despite being so young, their matter-of-fact lyrics with punchy delivery, along with funky guitar rhythms with hints of dissonance suggest a band that knows what they’re doing and where they want to go. The music video for ‘Burn Me Out’ is stylish and polished but maintains the charming DIY energy of a hot new indie band. The concept of the band members performing in a quiet room that slowly descends into chaos is simple but extremely fitting for the introspective and personal crisis subject matter of the track. 


According to vocalist Saul Kane: “The song is about dependency in a relationship and the constant cycle of habits that it entails, but it can be about anything that you rely on.”

Exploring the feeling of losing yourself in a negative cycle of behaviour, being pulled down into a place of lost control is complemented by the descending guitar solo and pulled together by a nicely steady driving drum groove. 


With mature, confident lyrics and proficient but playful music, this band almost feels like they’ve been around for years already. This wisdom and feeling of disillusion in their music does not come across as feigned, but is indicative of a focused, driven, and inspired young band that are above all concerned with making good music.


L’objectif  are definitely a band that have a lot more great tunes up their sleeve and with their debut EP 'Have It Your Way' coming out this July, 'Burn Me Out' is a promising taste of what they have to offer.


 Aoife McMahon

Image: Holly Whitakeer

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