Saturday, May 29, 2021

Jade Bird Sheds Light on New Album with Latest Single ‘Different Kinds of Light’

Fans have been eagerly awaiting a new LP from English singer/songwriter Jade Bird since her triumphant self-titled debut in 2019. After teasing us with new releases ‘Headstart’Houdini’ and ‘Open up the Heavens’ over the last six months, Jade has finally disclosed plans for her second album ‘Different Kinds of Light’ by releasing the title track last week. 

‘Different Kinds of Light’ is an introspective, bittersweet and raw detailing of a failing relationship, with a real air of emotional maturity embedded within its lyricism. Sonically, Jade allows the instrumentation to take a backseat so that her voice and the story can really shine, a feature that, married with her soothing vocal performance, gives this song an almost lullaby-type feel. 

The irony here being, the narrative she describes is one that would most likely keep her awake, rather than send her to sleep - most notably being the series of questions she asks herself in the chorus;

“So who's gonna call you tonight? / Who's gonna make you feel storms and thunder? / Who's gonna bring you to life? / Who's gonna make you feel beautiful / Under different kinds of light?” Here, we can see that Jade has already admitted defeat in this relationship, as she is contemplating who her current significant other is going to move on from her with. Her maturity shines through as the thought of her partner moving on does not leave her with any resentment, but rather gives her some sort of comfort that they can be happy with someone else. 


It is clear from this release that Jade has grown not only as a writer and performer, but also in emotional maturity and intelligence through her life experiences that she bravely lays out for us in this title track of her upcoming album. 


Jade’s second album ‘Different Kinds of Light’ is due to be released August 13th. 



Ellie Callaghan


Image: ‘Different Kinds of Light’ Official Album Cover

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