Wednesday, May 05, 2021

Indie Pop Soloist Dunedogs is Here to Haunt Your Dreams with New Single ‘Ghost’

Coming out of Chicago, Illinois, the indie-pop project 'Dunedogs' is breaking out onto the scene with a flourish. Whatever your connotations with the word ghost are, throw them away. Stop thinking of Patrick Swayze seductively sculpting clay, stop thinking of that small Victorian boy who shows up at 3am, and stop thinking about Casper the friendly ghost. ‘Ghost’ is here to give new meaning to the term. 

This is no Halloween track, this is a summer anthem for 2021. It’s light, it’s airy, and best of all, this song is catchy.

“I come slower than you needed/ leaves faster than you wanted/ spending so much time alone/ man I wish my house was haunted” The songs opening lines set a tone that is so reminiscent for all of us following the year we have all had, spending time alone dying for company. 

However, not all of us wished our homes to be haunted. The spectral title of the single is reflected in the atmosphere of the track, heavily reverbed guitars and echoing layered lyrics will haunt you every time you listen through.

The indie-pop sound is reminiscent of the summer tracks we all enjoyed in the late 2000’s and early 2010 summers. This song will fit right into your 2021 summer indie playlists. Right alongside the likes of, Foals, Circa Waves, Cage the Elephant, and Boy Pablo. Despite Dunedogs not carrying the magnitude of such names, this track stands up right alongside the best of them. 

Exciting things are coming out of Humboldt Park, Chicago in the near future so keep your eyes peeled. Hopefully, there’s an EP or a full album in the works for us to feast on soon enough.  

Ethan Cooke

Instagram @ethcooke_ @onealternativeplace

Image: Provided by DUNEDOGS

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