Friday, May 28, 2021

‘Homecoming Queen’ Is Crowned Top Slot On My Summer Playlist

ELLiS.D has proven his ability to write and perform extremely raw, emotional songs with their flawless new single, ‘Homecoming Queen’. They have bounced delicately between genres, whilst still remaining consistent in releasing something special for all kinds of audiences. 

Growing up in Brighton and rising to stardom just six months ago, ELLiS.D is starting to expand his craft and I think everyone is ready for it. 


Despite having just two releases prior to ‘Homecoming Queen’, ELLiS.D naturally radiates an alternative, indie-rock ambiance.

He stylistically relates to a modernistic Morrisey, and his psychedelic soul and slight-punk sound also feel familiar to bands like The Smiths or Muse, both of which have been a major influence on ELLiS.D. 


Homecoming Queen’ offers an emotional connection between the artist and the listener. The metaphors and symbolism found in the lyrics make for an extremely passionate vocal performance, “Well I’d lay down and stare at the clocks till the hands just melt away”, and makes this song almost like a ballad. 


At first glance, the title may lead some to think that ‘Homecoming Queen’ is referring to the American High School prom tradition, but after listening it seems to be referring to the return of a loved one whose absence is creating a massive upset. I find this pre-misconception much more thought-provoking than something which delivers exactly what it reads on the surface. 


After having great success in such a short amount of time, ELLiS.D is guaranteed to continue to thrive. He has already sold-out shows in Brighton and Brixton later this summer, and we hope to see him performing live even more following the end of lockdown. 

Anna Scrimgeour


Image: Official Single Artwork

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