Saturday, May 15, 2021

Folk rock band Dream On aren’t folking around on latest single ‘Falling’

Coming out of the heartland of England, Dream On is a trio made up of Andy Gio, Howard, and George. The band’s latest single, and their first released on Spotify, ‘Falling’ is a refreshing throwback to simpler music. And no, this is not an Alicia Keys cover.

With a sleek guitar sound, ‘Falling’ will have you stumbling over yourself to hit repeat. Listen once and you will want to listen again and again. The atmospheric guitar and drums bring the sound of the bass clearly to the front of the soundscape of this track. 

There is an attention shift during the transitions between chorus and verse as the guitar melody forces your focus, keeping you on your toes and allowing you to concentrate on Andy Gio’s well-sculpted lyrics:

"I’m down and I can’t get up/I’m down and I’ve had enough/gotta get away from here/gotta get away from my fear’’

The song’s content hits hard, describing the dark places we have all experienced in our lives at one point or another. We have all wanted to get away from things; just to disappear into the woods on a misty night to be consumed by a cryptid of some description.

Ultimately, ‘Falling’ is an expression of pain, and that is apparent in Andy Gio’s voice and the sound world created by the rest of the trio. A genre that peaked in the 70s, folk-rock had a mini-revival in the mid-2000s (driven by the likes of Mumford & Sons), but Dream On is bringing it back to the UK music scene. There was always going to be a swing back in folk rock’s popularity and if you’re looking to jump on that train, Dream On is the band to take you.

Like a heady mix of Cigarettes After Sex and Simon and Garfunkel, Dream On brings their new arty style to a much-loved genre and the result is the perfect sound for 2021.


Ethan Cooke


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