Friday, May 21, 2021

BSÍ deliver with their debut full-length cut ‘sometimes depressed.. but always antifascist’

Silla Thorarensen (drums & vocals) and Julius Pollux Rothlaender (bass guitar & toe-synths) are the two minds behind BSÍ. 

Emerging from Iceland, the two best friends started creating music as more of an outlet for their emotions, and the trials of tribulations of everyday life. Not ones to take themselves too seriously, they like to think of BSÍ as a playground for just being who they are. 

Their new album ‘Sometimes depressed.. but always antifascist’ is a great reflection on heartbreak each track demonstrates their ability to produce well-written narratives through their lyrics.

The first track, ‘My Lovely’, instantly showcases a beautiful array of synth melodies and delicately soft vocals. Talking about relationships and the troubles each person goes through makes their music so entirely relatable. With delicious harmonies and an aura of warmth, 'My Lovely' acts as the perfect opener for their ten-track offering - and knowing they created and produced this album themselves just makes you feel even more invested in their work.

It’s interesting when looking over this album that they didn't feel the need to overpower it with many different lyrics just keeping it soft and straight to the point with what they needed to get across. 

On a different note, ‘Feela paõ’ delivers a more punk edge, heavily impacted by drums and synths pouring through the track in a very direct way. My Knee Against Kyriarchy’, generates an uplifting sound that incites a completely euphoric energy. 

Their final track ‘Alltaf Alltaf Stundum Alltaf’ shows off their gender-bending ability and their ethos to not stick to any rule books. 

This album will help you get ready for the warmer months to come and if you want something that really has some edge - then you need this on your playlist. 

Émilie Fitzgerald


Image: BSÍ debut album artwork

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