Monday, April 05, 2021

Tom Grennan’s new album, Evering Road, follows his journey through heartache and redemption.

Tom Grennan’s back with his second album, Evering Road and he has definitely not held back. Named after a street in Hackney, where he lived with his ex-partner, this new record is his emotional break-up album. Grennan opens up about being in love, the heartbreak and inner turmoil after losing that love, and giving listeners an in-depth insight into his recent headspace. 

The songs themselves are mostly a mix of indie-pop that takes a hint of inspiration from the gospel too and for the most-part, they’re extremely catchy; there is also the inclusion a few good ballads to pour your heart out to. The structure of the album greatly aids its storytelling- moving through the emotions to eventually reach acceptance and a sense of happiness as he reminisces on the memories, rather than grieving them. 

The album features the popular singles, This is the Place and Little Bit of Love. The latter - in particular, has a very radio-friendly vibe to it, with an upbeat melody despite the lyrics depicting loneliness and a search for love. Similar to the likes of Lewis Capaldi and Sam Fender, Grennan’s heart-felt single breaks apart expectations of toxic masculinity and gives a raw insight into how he’s feeling post-break up. This is the Place has a very similar style, with it acting as an almost peak point in the story of the album as Grennan tries to move on in his life. With lyrics like “this is the place that I come to forget you” and “I’m torturing myself with photographs”, it’s clear he’s struggling with his mistakes and the emotions of losing someone you love.

Following on is Sweeter Then which brings something a little different to the album, with a Hozier-like, gospel sound, than the usual indie pop. The new sound pays off well, with choir backing- vocals which lift the song to a whole new level. Oh Please has a very similar tune, going even heavier on the orchestral and backing choir elements. It’s a turning point in the album, as Grennan appears to be ‘closer’ to moving on and putting his “mind at ease”.

Let’s go home together, a collab with X-Factor star Ella Henderson, is a more uplifting tune. The lyrics depict the sensation of being slightly drunk and the fuzzy feeling of meeting a new person you can simply be yourself around. The chorus in particular has a great flow and makes the song feel like a good second-to-last spot on the album. Grennan appears to be coming to a conclusion within this story he’s been telling, saying “you could be everything that I’ve been missing”, amongst tracks such as Love Has Different Ways to Say Goodbye, which appears to be a song of acceptance and clarity.

In his interview with the official charts, Grennan discusses how the album was “like therapy and allowed him to grow as a person”. He accepts that he’s made mistakes, as we all do, but writing and recording Evering Road has allowed him to own up to these and become more honest with himself. It’s a passionate and honest depiction of his experience with love and heartbreak, a fantastic follow-up to Lighting Matches.

- Jade Matthews 


Image: Tom Grennan PRESS Official Album Cover

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