Saturday, April 03, 2021

Sports release new EP "Get A Good Look Pt. 1"

Dream-pop duo Sports, (Cale Chronister + Christian Theriot), from Oklahoma, released a new project, Get A Good Look Pt. 1. Blurring the lines of indie-funk, disco and psychedelic rock, this time, the duo has created an innovative and experimental collection as a teaser of their album. Get A Good Look Pt. 1 also marks a new era of Sports, and through this six-track EP, you never know what would pop up next. 

The Opener Call Me Anything takes the listeners into a soundscape deeply. Followed the guitar solo, it is the repetitive acoustic “Call Me, You can call me, Call me anytime”, absolutely a slow burner. 


“Cause you got the Look, you got the look” 


The Look (my favourite one in the six tracks), its 70s-inspired disco-funk vibe will make you groove without realizing. The sound of a woman speaking Spanish through the bridge, reminding me of the French woman’s voice in La Femme Chinoise, by Japanese Electro-pop band Yellow Magic Orchestra in the 80s. Sports has offered a feel-good harmony, which is much needed.  


“So tell me that you’ll be alright
And tell me that I’m what you need”


Baby Baby then changes the mood, it is a bedroom pop, exploring vulnerable co-dependency, the song tells a story of comforting someone, but also in need of comforting themselves. The chill tune, combined of psychedelic rock and R&B softness, it gives me a feeling of I would like to groove with lover at late night in my bedroom.  


“And I try and I try and I try and I try/ But I never know/ Never know what to do/ What to say” 


The The next track Never Know is a good follow up, it is about uncertainty, inability of comforting.  

With a clear and fascinating bass line, glistening synths and Chronister’s dreamy vocals tell a story of desperation, hopelessness and “don’t know what to do” energy.  


Tell You Something, the first track from the new release that Sports introduced to their fans, the unstoppable grooves, featuring layers of trumpet, high-pitched synth, horns and delicate drums, but again, extending the mood from the last track, it is a song about unknown anxiety.  


Final track Don’t Get Me Started then come up with highlight rhythms, the band’s frustration is doled out, lines such as “Handing me chocolate / Say ‘here’s my kind of guy’ / Don’t get me started with you / Take it how you want it”, also let the listeners expect how the second instalment will sound like. 


Sports has showed their growth since their debut Naked All The Time, which was released in 2015.  Overall, Get A Good Look Pt. 1 is chill and fun to listen, although it does not really give us a specific idea of how the complete Get A Good Look will sound like, but still, eagerly awaited. 


Eva Leung 


Image: photo: @xmaxinealo

artwork: @mortis_studio and @fakeshamus

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