Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Our new summer anthem is in! Champagne’s self titled EP brings all the grooves!

Champagne’s latest EP, “Champagne'' contains all the groves of the 60s and 80s, keeping us swinging for days! There is an overall mood of romance, heartbreak, a desire for freedom, and a uniqueness to each track as they have reimagined Indie adding layers of psych-rock to their 80s inspired sound.
 The Texas four-man band are instantly recognisable by their yellow beanies and black turtlenecks - a boldness reflected in their creative ventures.

'Champagne' begins with an instrumental of an electronic sound, creating curiosity and building anticipation among listeners as an unexpected opener. ‘You’ is unquestionably the pinnacle of the EP, with a grainy undertone and a strong beat led by heavy drums. Lyrics such as “what are we doing” and “all I need is you” resonate with anyone who has had their heartbroken. For me, the song is reminiscent of dancing alone in my living room whilst using a champagne bottle as a microphone and a broom as a guitar, think Tom Cruise in Risky Business Dan, just more indie and less Cruise.

It’s one of those tracks that you can’t help but jam to. It encapsulates the idea of ‘the heart wants what it wants’ and translates that into harmonious, rock and roll melodies. 


‘Intensions’ is where the rock and roll inspiration shines through and ‘Romantic Robbery’ is another essential bop on this EP - echoing sentiments that any person who’s experienced unrequited love will understand. The psychedelic aspect that winds in and out as the track builds, reminds the listener of the confusion the singer is experiencing through the contrasting sounds.


Overall, almost like its own song, there seems to be a melodic story to the album: an introduction, a rising, and then ‘Intentions’ as the climax, followed by ‘Tip Toe’ before reaching a conclusion that will leave listeners wishing for more. 


Like all great journeys, it ends with ‘Comeback', a sweeter sound, with a steady beat and chimes in the background. Nick Seamans, the lead vocalist's voice features here, thick with emotion, fitting for the slow and dreaminess of the song. 


With a completely different mood from the EP’s electronic beginning, this album undoubtedly will make listeners continue to ‘comeback’ to this beautifully haunting array of music.


Zarina Dempsey

Instagram: @zarinadempsey

Image: Provided by PR

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