Friday, April 23, 2021

Montrell’s new EP "Angel" tackles moral dilemmas like none else

The Leicester-based group of four recently debuted their new EP “Angel”, encapsulating struggles and dilemmas which plague our generations, especially during a pandemic. This new indie-rock anthem is both warm, sad, and thick with emotion, as AAA Backstage said the band’s “soft folk, power-pop influences provide the perfect juxtaposition to the lyrical content”.

Montrell have gained popularity in recent years releasing waves of folk-inspired music with simple delicate sounds tackling difficult topics. The band started by Jonny P Taylor and inspired by the likes of “George Harrison, Steely Dan, Arcade Fire”. Their latest creative venture, Angel, was created in a studio underneath the cobbled streets of London - only adding to the band's aesthetic.

‘Magnets’ is by far my favourite sound off of ‘Angel’. Tackling the topic of addiction through upbeat guitars and wildly delicate, ethereal vocals. Lyrics such as “block it out” on repeat, capture the feeling of need and desire for a substance and the madness that follows when it is deprived. 

On a sonic level, 'Simpler In The Dark' is an easy-listening, guitar-based sound with the delicate vocals ever-present. Comforting and bluesy but with enough of a beat that you won’t be completely left in tears. The lyrical meaning behind it, however, is unexpected as it is based around cheating and the distance that grows in a relationship. Johny explained in an interview that it was ”a sudden exploration of how I felt in a certain relationship. You can’t really fake those lyrics really. It was real at the time. It was written as a confessional”. This shining gem will no doubt become the band's staple track.

The finale, Medicine, is centred around the hope of a better brighter future for a friendship, as by releasing the toxicity from it there is the promise of a new start. In keeping with the harmonious acoustic sound, this track is by far the most uplifting.

This band is heading for the billboard charts, as Charlie Ashcroft said on Amazing Radio “it’s time to shine a spotlight” on their music. Hopefully, as Medicine suggested, there is a potential for better times ahead, and I know I’ll be booking tickets to their next UK tour!

Zarina Dempsey

Instagram: @zarinadempsey

Image: Provided by PR

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