Tuesday, April 06, 2021

MEET... Biffy Clyro

Biffy Clyro, a Scottish trio that came together in Kilmarnock, East Ayrshire. Composed of Simon Neil (Guitar, Lead vocals), James Johnston (Bass, Vocals), and Ben Johnston (Drums, Vocals).

Multi-platinum selling, Scottish rock-pop trio  Biffy Clyro, Boasting a very large discography we can see that BC have experimented with an abundance of sounds since they first formed in 1995.

This genre hopping trio have released music that has not only been widely celebrated and accept but even controversial amongst fans. “Puzzle” – a record which was such a turning point  presents itself almost as two albums in one, one-part playing as a goodbye to their previous sound, the other welcoming what was to come. many older fans were displeased with the poppier sound and cleaner production, taking it almost as a stray to the bands original sound. 

January 2012 came the big announcement of a full-scale double album. The brothers planned for an audacious record with a loose concept: the falling apart of relationships, coinciding with the picking up of pieces. Parts to be titled ‘The Sand At The Core Of Our Bones’ and ‘The Land At The End Of Our Toes’. The resulting album is composed of 78 minutes.  “/Ancient Rome, they built that fucker stone by stone/ This is not for your entertainment/” — Sounds Like Balloons’ The angular guitar lines throughout  pack a punch as they declare “this is not for your entertainment” with poignant stop start rhythm guitar loops throughout. Opposites being the bands most influential and statement collection, the infamous double-album. Certainly a beginners step into understand the sound and influences of the  Scottish rockers.

Evident influences throughout the composition of the impressive backlog of music the trio have put out, is almost a long and impressive as their album backlogs. The power of resonant guitar bursts taken from 80s band ‘Tears For Fearsas” and one of Simons favourite bands is a consistent feature across musical concoctions such a s fan favourite ‘Bubbles’, with bursting crunch tones throughout. 

Heavy metal methods are certainly incorporated into the trios tracks, to the extent that Simon has previous said that he likes for his strat to sound like someone losing their mind and is chewing at the door. Carry this kind of metaphor strongly across our ears in track like “Instant history” a Powerful and slamming pop-rock anthem.  A playful take with synth like loops backing the chorus, BC  adressing all avid and new fans with “This is the sound that we make, can you hear it?”

— Patricia Poulton

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