Thursday, April 22, 2021

London alt-guitar band, ISLAND, have released a new grungy track, ‘Everyone’s The Same.’

Following their latest single, ‘Octopus’, ISLAND is back with another track, titled ‘Everyone’s The Same’.

ISLAND has gained a large following over the years and subsequently developed a well-regarded reputation in the music industry. The Oxford-formed quartet comprises consists of frontman Rollo Doherty, guitarist Jack Raeder, bassist James Wolfe and drummer Toby Richards.

‘Everyone’s The Same’ is different from ISLAND’s more mellow tracks, as it experiments with grunge sounds. The track allows the band to release their anger, amplified by Wolfe’s distorted bass and noisy choruses. ISLAND makes their point instantly, without any hesitation to establish their strong emotions. The clear contrast between both of their latest tracks showcases the range of sounds that the band can provide. It is exciting to see where they will go next!

The lead singer, Doherty, claims that “‘Everyone’s The Same’ is a song for anyone who is angry for being told they can’t make any sort of difference or can’t be a positive force for change.” He continues to express his frustration, by drawing upon the idea that “as individuals, our actions aren’t able to make a difference on the collective impact we’re having on the world, the idea that we’re all destined to have a negative influence on the environment just by existing, and that everyone is equally guilty.”

ISLAND’s frustration is overtly echoed throughout the lyrics. For instance, “Don't try and quantify the part that we play/Next time you try and say/Everyone’s the same”, presents how Doherty intends for the track “to capture that feeling of frustration at being told what you’re worth.”

With 2021 looking more positive, hopefully, we will get to see ISLAND back on tour, to showcase their emotionally charged shows. 

- Josh Bailey-Lee




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