Thursday, April 22, 2021

Indie Rock Artist MOLONE Releases Emotionally Invigorating Debut Single, “You Stay With Me”

Molone is an up-and-coming indie rock artist from Germany, who has a talent for writing infectious tunes with relatable and sympathetic narratives. Although instrumentally he is a vocalist, keyboardist, and bassist, Molone describes himself first and foremost, as a storyteller. He has openly proclaimed that he is largely influenced by personal circumstances and relationships, which he utilizes to create work that he believes will effectively impact others. His debut single, “You Stay With Me” is clear confirmation of this.

You Stay With Me” shines on Molone’s unique ability to combine multiple aesthetics with various musical influences. Clean production is paired with a relatable and down-to-earth lyrical storyline that is both refreshing and familiar. 

Intended as an homage to an unnamed love interest, Molone reassures his muse, via his signature gentle vocal tonality, that he isn’t planning on going anywhere, any time soon. The dedication of his message feels energizing and above all else, hauntingly devoted.

Instrumentally, this track is a joy to listen to. A sparkling introduction paves the way to glistening guitar lines made imminent with crystal clear tonality. Molone’s angelic harmony work lifts the chorus, and the main hook is so catchy, you’ll surely be humming it to yourself for days. Molone has managed to create a fresh take on what is reminiscent of the contemporary pop-rock music we all grew to love throughout the 2000s. Fans of Coldplay, Snow Patrol, and The Fray will without a doubt feel a connection with his work. 

Whether it be because of the balanced approach to production, the versatile use of instrumentation, or the intensely personal vocal performance, contemporary fans will be sure to enjoy this single. Be sure to follow and keep up with Molone’s social media pages for more upcoming content in the future!

Addison Rider


Image: You Stay With Me Official Single Cover (PRESS)

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