Sunday, April 18, 2021

HANYA treat us to dreamy new single ‘Lydia’ which explores reflection and contemplation

Brighton four-piece HANYA are back with their latest single, and their first material of 2021, 'Lydia’ which offers more of the mesmerizing shoegazing sound they have come to be known for. The sleek production of gentle guitars and a laid-back drum beat accompany lead singer Heather’s ethereal tone and builds in power as the chorus kicks in.

The instrumentation, at times, gives way, allowing for Heather’s vocals to shine, whilst at other moments, the guitar is the stand-out sound, resulting in a stimulating and textured track.  

The song is a tranquil indie dream which also has a theme of contemplation that is relatable to all of our lives currently. In an Instagram caption from the band's account (@HANYA___) they state:  

"This past year has involved a hell of a lot of contemplation. Time for re-thinks, changes in perspectives and big life decisions. Lydia is a track about having little to do but contemplate your life up until now and realizing the complexities in reminiscence."

So essentially ‘Lydia’ is about the overthinking that hours spent in a lockdown can cause. Yet, songwriter Heather sees this contemplation as a positive, asserting that: 

"‘Lydia’ was written about a chance to dwell on our memories and see people, situations and relationships in new light as time progresses. The reminder that rights and wrongs are ever-evolving, perspectives shift and overtime you shape your own memories."

Perhaps we could all take something from this notion; instead of focusing on bitter and miserable overthinking, we should rather take a moment to be grateful for our past experiences and possibly see them in a new way. Something our busy lives usually doesn’t allow the time for. I for one, feel more appreciative of my memories now more than ever. Thanks for the positive life lesson in serene dream-pop from HANYA!  

The band have been supported by Jack Saunders of Radio 1 and Lauren Laverne of BBC Radio 6 Music and with an already confirmed appearance at this year’s virtual The Great Escape Festival, usually in Brighton, we can definitely look forward to future live dates from HANYA. 

‘Lydia' is available on all digital platforms now.  

Leila McGrorty  


Image: (official single artwork)

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