Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Capturing gloom – Sunnbrella’s latest single ‘Lost & Found’

Indie artist, Sunnbrella, has released his first single of 2021, ‘Lost & Found’, a melancholic tune with heavy percussion and whisper-like vocals. 

Originally starting as a bedroom project, Sunnbrella is the venture of David Žbirka, a London-based artist. He made his first release in 2018 with the dreamy indie track ‘Feelin’ Invisible’, and he has since continued to explore the depths of alternative music with the likes of his summery 2020 release ‘It’s Cool’. However, his latest single ‘Lost & Found’ strays from his usual upbeat indie-pop sound and takes a darker turn with heavier instrumentals.

‘Lost & Found’ captures the sensation of nothingness and touches on the superficiality of everyday life with lyrics such as, ‘This face is for now / I’ve got another for later tonight’. His words explore the lack of permanence in today’s world and the ability to change oneself at the drop of a hat. 

The title is truly echoed by the hollow instrumentals and soft, whispery vocals, representing that state of oblivion demonstrated in the lyrics. The vocals and lyrics convey a sense of an intimate internal monologue, just loud enough for listeners to hear. This is amplified by the lyric ‘I leave my secret by the lost & found’, indicating a sense of clandestineness within the song. Listeners are perhaps encouraged to decipher the lyrics for themselves. 

Self-described as ‘beat-driven melancholy’, Sunnbrella’s sound in ‘Lost & Found’ is nostalgic to that of the late 90s and early 2000s with its deep bass, intense beat, and smooth, delicate vocals. The guitar-driven instrumental creates a moody tone, furthering that feeling of desolation and bleakness. The song feels almost equivalent to a fever dream, exhibiting the true art of Sunnbrella’s ability to create the perfect ambience for this gloomy track. 

Sunnbrella has taken a slightly different direction with his latest single, creating much anticipation for his future releases. He has proven to combine nostalgia with that feeling of nothingness within contemporary life to create the perfect gloomy track. If his future releases are anything like this, they will be just as warmly received. 


- Aneesha Kalia



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