Thursday, April 01, 2021


On March 5th, Blu DeTiger released her debut EP ‘How Did We Get Here?’. It is a 7 track EP with the bass at the forefront of its instrumentation, each song being as fun as the last.

Blu DeTiger rose to fame in early 2020 during lockdown, uploading bass covers of popular songs on TikTok. Her talent was widely recognised, with her views averaging an impressive 300k per video, and her most popular video, a bass cover of Megan The Stallion’s ‘Savage’, having a grand total of 3.7 million views. Today, she has 1 million followers on TikTok and 72.4k subscribers on YouTube.

Blu started learning the bass at just 7 years old and quickly joined multiple bands, which soon led to her growing into an amazingly talented bass player. Surrounded by music at a young age and then becoming a DJ at 17, she has been exposed to many different genres and bass playing styles, funk being the main inspiration for the EP.

Her love and talent for playing bass bass is clearly shown throughout her EP; groovy bass lines demonstrate her technique and ability, whilst the rhythms of the drums and the guitar, accompanied by lighter synths and mass amounts of reverb on the non-rhythmic instruments, further highlight the bassline’s intricacies.

The EP starts with the cool ‘Figure It Out’. This is the most streamed track of the EP, with 24 million listens on Spotify, and acts as a great introduction to the rest of the project. It demonstrates her use of funky basslines and laidback vocals - a stylistic feature throughout. ‘Vintage’ again starts with a very funky bassline, but is immediately faster in tempo, creating a carefree feeling: ‘I’m a vintage girl hanging out with the flashback kids, I need a vintage boy for my outfit’. This is an example of the easy-going theme, playfully hinting that the only use for a man is to compliment her outfit

The project changes pace with the penultimate song, ‘Cotton Candy Lemonade’. This sees Blu sing with a softer tone, accompanied by long held guitar strums and a drum pattern which emphasises the kick on the 2nd and 4th beats, and reminds me of watching the sunset with a significant other. The EP ends with ‘Kinda Miss You’, indicating the end of a relationship. In her lyrics she goes through the motions of a breakup, wearing rose-tinted glasses when looking back at a short, sweet summer fling.

There is such an innocence and vibrancy to her lyrics that when paired with her relaxed vocals and funky basslines, makes the project an appealing and enjoyable listen as she goes through each part and theme of young love. The overall feel of the EP is an upbeat one: feel good, playful and cool. This project really lends itself to the relaxation you’d find on a beautiful summer’s day, and could very easily become your soundtrack to the sun.

Doruntine Berisha

Instagram: @dorunttine

Image: Official EP Cover - Blu DeTiger PRESS

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