Saturday, April 17, 2021

Annabel Allum is back with new single ‘Ordinary Life’

Annabel Allum is back gracing the nation with her latest lockdown inspired release ‘Ordinary Life’. The Surrey based singer-songwriter has provided her listeners with a beautifully arranged and influential piece of music. Annabel is a consistent artist who is always keeping her listeners involved with every creation and this new song is no different.

Annabel has previously stated her music ‘is a wonderland of magnificent contradictions’. She is an astute poet and her lyrics and melodies hit home to many. ‘Ordinary Life’ falls in that same category, forming part of a new thirteen track album, ‘hear me out b-sides’. 

Each track narrates past adventures and endeavours, causing Annabel and listeners to feel tearful as they experience alongside her, previous scenes from her life. Her gut-wrenching honesty explains why her listeners stay so interactive and left her followers very interested to know more about her new release.

‘Ordinary Life’ has a beautiful piano melody that introduces the uplifting tone of the song; it includes an extraordinary build to the chorus that captivates each listener. Every instrument used in this song compliments and combined with Annabel’s vocals, it gives such a unique folk edge to the jazzy undertones of this music. It starts atmospheric but progresses in a different direction. It feels like a rollercoaster of effects, culminating into one uplifting melody, a single that everyone needs within their day to day playlist.

Annabel explains on her Instagram about the writing saying that she ‘wrote Ordinary Life in between lockdowns in the winter in a barn in the middle of nowhere’ in 6 hours with Jamie Lenman and Ben Hillier. You can feel the rawness of her lyrics and instrumentation within the song that formed from this solitude. The singer-songwriter always surrounds herself with artistic routes which definitely shows within this track, drawing inspiration from her fellow creatives. Always putting her own stamp on things, this song will not go unnoticed so as Annabel has said, ‘go stream it, add it to your playlists, show your friends, share it’ and let this music make you feel good.

Emilie Fitz-Gerald


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