Saturday, March 13, 2021

The perfect sunny day anthem – review of CIEL’s latest single ‘Pretty Face’

Brighton alt-pop trio, CIEL, returned earlier this month with their latest single ‘Pretty Face’, a nostalgia-inducing, upbeat song with a dreamy ambience.

They formed in Brighton after Dutch lead singer, Michelle Hindrix, found two new friends with a similar passion for music. Since then, they have performed alongside the likes of TEEN and Penelope Isles, climbing their way up the music industry. Having their first music release in 2017, CIEL have since transcended their sound - previous releases were moody and hazy, the perfect backdrop for a rainy day, whereas their new release sees them potentially in a new era in which they explore a more upbeat sound. 


‘Pretty Face’ appears to be a homage to a love that is not quite tangible and explores the internal dream-like monologue from one lover to another. The dreamy music intensifies the notion of the narrative and produces a fantasy-like state in which the inevitable realisation comes that a ‘Pretty Face’ is just not enough. The lyric ‘drifting further away’ is the perfect exhibition of this and the dream is awoken by the quirky guitar solo to finish. The song perfectly captures a story that many will relate to. 


The single maintains its unique sound whilst also feeling reminiscent to that of the late 90s, making it the perfect concoction of past and present music trends. Although it appears to be a slightly different sound to their previous releases, it still maintains an ethereal quality that Hindrix delivers consistently with her smooth vocals and unique tone. The soft hum of guitar throughout, perfectly complements her silky vocals. 


CIEL have perhaps ventured into a slightly different direction with this latest single but it is sure to be just the beginning of this trio's exciting musical journey. The song truly is the perfect sunny day anthem and did not disappoint. They are definitely a band to keep an eye on!


Aneesha Kalia 



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