Saturday, March 27, 2021

Striking Leeds band unleash two new singles of alt rock magic

The hard alt rock outfit Gentleman’s Brawl from Leeds have two striking new singles to unleash. Their sound can be described as punchy, passionate rock with a harmonious wash along the lines of Billy Talent, Rise Against, Dark Station and Biffy Clyro circa the Puzzle era.

Black Tar is an anthemic and ferociously melodious track, the kind that would start a record off impeccably. The introductory contemplative guitar warns you that what is directly forthcoming is going to blow your socks off. Ten seconds in, we’re proven right and off we go on a powerhouse journey that, if you’re a fan of this kind of rock, you never get tired of hearing. The vocals are ardent, the guitar is symphonious and the drums and bass are tight, keeping the layers of this tune locked together.

Roseblunt is deliciously eerie and experimental with its melody whilst unearthing the heavy and fervent prospect these guys clearly possess. Again, after a succulent one-minute intro (the best kind of intros) that lets us know we’re in for it, we are off again on that journey towards raucous rock redemption. That ever-changing, robust riff threaded in with the turbo drums and potent vocals guide you through. However, just as you are steady in your tracks, it is taken away from you at a teasingly sharp 3 minute-mark. You’re left wanting more. 

It is eminent from this display that this band do have more to give though. They have encapsulated the art of alt/punk rock immensely and served it to us in the form of both an anthem and a kind of sinister, exceptional ballad. There is no doubt that this style will pour into their further creations. I look forward to the journeys to come.

Rowan Howard

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Image: Gentleman's Brawl | Facebook

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