Wednesday, April 07, 2021

Riviera’s new track “This feeling” is out… and we're madferit

It’s punk rock party time again! With the just released “This Feeling” and after their debut single “THE Q”, the five-piece indie rock band from Derby are killing it. On its first week release, “This Feeling” has already hit 3k streams, bringing Riviera to another level. “This Feeling” is for those who lost someone or something they didn’t think they’d ever live without. Nothing that a banana dipped in a beer before a gig can’t fix. 

Riviera came together in early 2019, when lead singer Archie Orme began writing songs on his own, later joining Billy Watson as lead guitar, Joe Woodhead as rhythm guitar, Danny Overton drums, and Omari Simon for bass. But that’s not exactly how it went. As Archie said in “This Is The Music” podcast interview, “Back in school, it was only Billie and I. We didn’t talk that much, but we just started playing some rubbish covers. I met Joe at college and asked him to join us, and he “kindly” said no. He changed his mind as soon as I begged him!”. 

This beat track brings straight back to the good old Green Day vibes. Imagine a room filled with Archie, Billy, Joe, Danny, Omari, and Billie Joe, Tré Cool, Mike Dirnt (what a tricky surname to spell, by the way). A total blast. “This Feeling” poppy chorus and epic pounding drumbeat makes us forget about these boring and shaky days. A noisy Rock’n’roll sound that echoes the old ‘90s Mancunian indie rock, with likeness to some of their inspirations The Stone Roses, The Beatles, Sex Pistols… and Alvin & The Chipmunks. Not bad for what was a school rock fancy wannabe band! 

While “This Feeling” was being recorded, the band decided to order a Just Eat from Gregg’s, but sadly that never came. Well guys, if you guarantee to release another banger like “This Feeling”, all Yum Yums are on us. That’s a promise! After this loud and big tune, even Noel and Liam Gallagher will finally be back together in peace. We just cannot wait for what’s coming next.

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