Friday, March 12, 2021

“Relapse”: The New Relatable Release by FAANGS

Watch out world, there is a well-known name making their way back into the music industry and they are not coming back quietly. 

Melissa “Charlie” Storwick is best known for winning season four of the Canadian hit musical talent show, The Next Star in 2011. Even more impressive, she did it when she was only twelve and became the first contestant to hit over a million views on YouTube. After her win, she scored the role as Piper Grey on the popular Canadian show, Some Assembly Required.  The show ended in 2016 and this allowed her to take the time she needed to prefect her craft. Once she felt her creation was ready, she introduced herself to the world as FAANGS in 2018.

When you listen to her music, you are overwhelmed with the feeling that she knows exactly who she is and her much anticipated comeback was well worth the wait. 

FAANGS is an artist that easily calls for your attention with her eye-catching style and music that is pleasing to the ear. Her new release “Relapse”, is a song that is so relatable it will leave you wanting more. Listening to the lyrics, many of us can recall a time we may have had a heated exchange with a lover and told them we were through with them. Of course, we come to our senses, or rather relapse, and realize that we cannot ever think about being without them. Reassuring them that we did not mean what we said, and we would always be coming back to them. The song is a mixture of pop music and dance music that will easily have you singing along before it is even over.

In the music video, FAANGS can be seen rocking a gold grill and many bold outfits that bring Lady Gaga to mind.  With her strong attitude and confidence, that are similar to Jessie J, it shows that she is a force to be reckoned with. Even though there are similarities to other artists, FAANGS brings stellar style and impressive vocal skills into the scene that is fresh and much needed after the year we have had. She is definitely an artist to look out for in 2021.


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