Thursday, March 18, 2021

Laurence Murray Project release sultry debut single ‘Providence’

Scottish quartet Laurence Murray Project have released their debut single ‘Providence’, a tune with soulful, sultry vocals and powerful instrumentals

Formed in Edinburgh, Laurence Murray Project is the birth child of songwriter and guitarist, Laurence Murray. Murray’s song writing is believed to be inspired by his travels in the Middle East, where he underwent serious self-exploration, but the band’s music is also heavily inspired by 60s psychedelic rock and a number of other well-known artists, such as Jimi Hendrix. ‘Providence’ was released in late February and the band are said to be working on their debut album ‘Still’,  which is expected later this year.


Fuelled by passion and lust, ‘Providence’ tells the story of the anticipation of meeting a lover after a long wait. Perhaps exploring the struggles of a long-distance relationship, the lyric ‘all of my trust in this providence’ portrays the eagerness towards the moment when they can finally meet, despite a lingering fear of commitment. The song perfectly depicts an all-consuming love which is highlighted by the lyric ‘I feel born again’, equating the romance to a transcendental experience. 


The song combines the sounds of Ryan Adams and John Mayer, with a hint of electric blues, to give smoky vocals and a powerful guitar solo throughout. The instrumentals truly take the lead in ‘Providence’ and are complemented by the breathy, raspy vocals. This allows for great nostalgic travel through past and present music trends. ‘Providence’ is therefore the perfect example of how different genres and decades can be meshed together to create a masterpiece.


Just as the song asks ‘was it worth the wait?’, I am sure ‘Providence’ will be worth it for many. This debut single puts Laurence Murray Project on the map and their debut album, ‘Still’, will be highly anticipated. Watch this space!

- Aneesha Kalia



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