Wednesday, March 17, 2021

It’s-a-me Darling Boy - “Tea Drinkers Of The World” official video revisits Mario World videogame

Darling BOY has just released a new track, called “Tea Drinkers Of The World”. There’s nothing better than an alt-pop tune with guitar-pop bridges and a simple but catchy chorus, compressed in two and a half minutes. Behind Darling Boy hides Alexander Gold’s genius. He’s a multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, and actor. According to his Twitter, he considers himself as a sweet punk elf with a wide knowledge, in other words, a polymath. When he’s not busy with the United Kingdom Ukulele Orchestra, he plays bass, guitar and drums for Supergrass’ Danny Goffey’s new band. Not to mention his role as The Clash’s drummer in “London Town” drama. 

The story of Shay Baker, a 14-year-old boy from a working-class family and his punk revelation. Everyone loves Alexander Gold, even Dolly Parton. Rumor has it she invited him in deepest Tennessee as a guest. He also had a chat with Moby during a casual dinner.  

Produced by Gold himself alongside Matt Terry from britpop/indie rock band The Enemy, “Tea Drinkers Of The World” riffs were mixed by Gethin Pearson, same producer of Charlie XCX and To Kill A King. The song was recorded at Vada Studios, an old-fashioned recording studio near Alcester town (Worcestershire). Its walls have listened Mallory Knox, You Me At Six and Bullet For My Valentine’s bangers. This track is for those who want to forget about what is happening in the world right now. For anyone, as Darling BOY says in the lyrics, who’s not able to go and see the world due to obvious reasons. Gold himself said: “With this in mind, for Tea Drinkers I wanted to put something together that was a joy to look at, told a story and was festooned with colour to counteract these grey old times. 

“Tea Drinkers Of The World” has it all, even a Mario Bros inspired official video, where Gold beats the ultimate boss thanks to the final solo and his red Converses, bringing his white Gibson back to the tea-party. Gold’s little avatar was animated by the gamer Matt Hutchings, following classic 16-bit gaming’s graphics.  

Martina Bovetta 

Image: Darling Boy – Tea Drinkers of the World — Travellers Tunes

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