Tuesday, March 16, 2021

‘Get High’ and vibe with Chet Faker’s latest release

Chet Faker is back and better than ever with his latest release ‘Get High’. The new single contains a funky beat with edgy lyrics, and is very mellow and laid-back, with a slight party feel. The track completely flows from start to finish, delighting us with a bouncy piano melody.  

For a song that he explains ‘just showed up on its own,’ is superbly uplifting if not anything else. ‘Get High’ evokes the atmosphere of being high, with its relaxing yet upbeat style. Whether you’re standing up or sitting down you can’t help but tap your foot to the beat of the groove. 

The song is bursting with relatable lyrics such as “I wanna take a break from myself” to the pre-chorus “Just because I cry, doesn't mean I'm not strong.” The track is definitely a testament to the trials and tribulations of 2020, but also interestingly how we are persevering and wanting to, in his own words “vibe out.” To accompany this groovy tune, Chet released a self – made music video which goes hand in hand with the song. If the lyrics don’t reveal enough, the video certainly does. The music video is vibrant and full of swirling colours and packed with funky swagger. The vibrant and moving painting style of the video explores the abstract approach that Chet often portrays with his sound, and his image. 


Overall, ‘Get High’ is definitely worth a listen because you are able to witness Chet’s brilliant artistic flair. The track shines a light on the year we’ve had as well as reflecting on the (hopefully) better times ahead! It is a happy and feel-good tune to spruce up any playlist as we blast it through our speakers and headphones. Chet’s entire catalogue can be found on Spotify and his quirky music videos on YouTube. You will not be disappointed by his chill vibes and funky flow.


Skye Miller


Image: https://www.papermag.com/chet-faker-get-high-2650295340.html

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