Sunday, March 07, 2021

De Una Vez - Music Has No Language

You don’t need to understand Spanish to recognise the emotions behind Selena Gomez’s new song ‘De una vez’. It is concrete proof that music is more than just the words behind it, it’s feeling, tonality and interpretation.

‘De una vez’, which roughly means at once, is an exploration into the growth and healing that a person experiences after their heart has been broken. Focussing less on the pain and more on the recovery, this song is uplifting and hopeful. It shines a light on dark times and amplifies the strength of someone who has been wrongly dragged backwards through more than just bushes.

Although the track is well under three minutes long it is incredibly impactful. Gomez’s pure but strong vocals are the perfect partner for the swaying, enriching harmonies that lull the listener into a welcomed trance. The beat is subtle with not a drum in sight which gives it an aura of serenity and tranquillity. This fine balance shows that she is a master of her trade, she has perfected her sound to the point that she is able to rake in the same number of listeners in an entirely different language.

Everything exists in perfect harmony, including the accompanying music video which is a step away from the expected. It concentrates less Selena than it does on the entrancing animations that all give a sense of growth and life. There are no dizzying outfit and scenery changes that normally infest pop videos and leave the watcher feeling like they’ve run a half marathon whilst trying to keep up. Sometimes less is more and in this case less allows the melody to be the star of the show rather than the amount of money spent on filming and new sets.

This track is proof that Selena Gomez can do it all and do it well, not that we didn’t know that already.

Amelia Dinsdale
Instagram: millie.dinsdale

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