Tuesday, March 09, 2021

Citizen’s new single ’Blue Sunday’ is a definite head bobber!

The alternative three-piece Citizen have, in the early weeks of 2021, released their new single Blue Sunday’.

In comparison to their arguably most famous song ’The Night I Drove Alone’ this new track leans more towards an edgy pop sound. About as poppy as a distorted vocal and crisp electric guitar can be anyway. 

However, discussions about genres sometimes seem never-ending, and whichever one Citizen have taken on as of late it’s working for them. ’Blue Sunday’ is a definite head bobber. And one that could easily become a regular at the mainstream radio stations.

The radio friendly characteristic sometimes is perceived as a negative trait, but I don’t think it should inherently be a bad thing. There’s obviously much substance there to be found, what with lyrics like ”And as your body takes shape, I draw your shadow in my room, I got a lot to take in and nowhere to begin”. These lines in particular paint a wonderfully distinct image of the stress and anxiety within them. 

Citizen bear some sonic resemblances to other alternative bands such as You Me At Six and The Hunna. They balance out their alternative rock sound with very interesting instrumental parts between verses, which adds another layer to the song. The stripping of sounds in the middle of the track — where the electric guitar and the chanting vocals take the leading role — is a notably nice addition, especially as a contrast to when the melodic chorus (with its beautiful falsetto) then kicks in.

The title ’Blue Sunday’ feels rather fitting not only when listening to the music, but also when you sink your teeth further into the lyrics. Certain lines have a sense of bittersweet angst to them, but the lyrics seem to boil down to a feeling of contentment. The closing lines ”In the house that I live, where I spend all my days, nothing better than this, I don’t miss anything” suggest that this tune deals with the idea of closure or letting go of old difficulties. ”I throw my troubles away, don’t do nothing I don't want to”.

’Blue Sunday’ is a song that trudges along nicely with a couple intriguing sonic choices. For me it feels almost synonymous with a cinematic late night drive. 

Whether you feel like listening to it in your car or your bed or anywhere else it’s one that will make you wanna press that replay button. I know I will anyway.

- Tova Daagh

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