Thursday, March 11, 2021

Alien Tango has covered ‘Getting Better’ by the Beatles giving us an extraordinary sound to the song.

Alien Tango has had a unique style since the beginning of his career and is an artist that needs discovering. The Spanish, London based artist has a nack for delivering an unusual experimental sound, full of electro and guitar sounds which have a retro 80’s feel. Keen to keep the listener engaged, he plays around with mixing and matching sounds.

Alien Tango has stated that he brings music from a parallel universe - expect the unexpected - the multi-talented artist is able to play various musical instruments and produce distinctive sound, all  from the comfort of his bedroom. 


Hearing a Beatles cover is from an wildly experimental artist is especially refresing - it brings their legacy back to life for the new generation, with an eccentric twist. There is room for plenty of Beatles covers in the music world as they are an instant classic with a huge influence on music today. 


The cover follows a music video set in London which is a pretty casual shoot on the Thames Bridge, wherein Alien manages to express his feelings about the song in a magically creative way. I can pretty much say the Beatles will be proud of how the new generation of artists is interpreting their songs. Who would have thought this song has turned into a well-known cover which is quirky and something out of the ordinary for people in 2021 to listen to. 

Sit back, stick on the music video and take some time to appreciate the artwork behind the song and the visual aesthetic. Enjoy the show.   

Seray Sulun 




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