Monday, February 01, 2021

MEET…. Metronomy

Metronomy, like most bands, was born in a humble bedroom belonging to Joseph Mount. Gifted an old computer by his father, Joseph used this interest in music during his studies in Brighton to become a DJ. Young Metronomy was a DJ act, with just one man and his laptop. Enlisting the help of his cousin Oscar and old school mate Gabriel. Speaking to Loud & Quiet magazine, Joseph lamented how “crap” it was to “do shows on my own”.

Now one of the greatest Indie bands in the world, Metronomy have found their unique sound of polite dream pop. 

From catchy riffs in The Look to forlorn crooning in She Wants, their album English Riviera seemed to be a breakout moment. In the Indie boom of the early 2000s, the bands unique combination of electronic and traditional instruments struck a chord with fans.

Flash forward to Love Letters and the band managed to secure a “hottest record in the world right now” acclamation as well as a solid number 7 in the UK charts. Add to that appearances at festivals such as Field Day, Glastonbury & Primavera Sound and you have an outstanding list of achievements.

Their latest album Metronomy Forever heralds back to Joseph’s West Country roots and teenage ways. In conversation with Huck, we find out that this age was in fact the halcyon days. Hence why so much of Metronomy lyrics focus on the dreamy teenage experience we all wish we had.

The beginnings as a DJ have stuck around, with Metronomy producing mixes of a number of songs spanning a variety of genres, from Lady Gaga to Franz Ferdinand. Metronomy have a love for music, whether that be playing it or playing with sounds. There seems to be no stopping them on this trajectory, and we can’t wait to see what’s next.

Lily Quarton-Parsons 


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