Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Lizzie Reid has releases new track ‘’Been thinking about you’

The Glasgow native Lizzie Reid has released a new song called ‘’Been thinking about you’’ which was previewed in her latest EP Cubicle. The song is a sweet sensual jazz-inspired melody which Liz uses to delicately surface her experiences with love. 

It is a song that takes you back in time and makes you feel as if you are in a luxurious hotel lobby in the 1960s. You wouldn’t be wrong for getting swept away in longing for love as it builds up with reverbed drums and before you know it, slowly quietens back down into romantic, soft tones.

This is no doubt some of Liz’s best work yet. Inviting yet so mystical. She expressed on Instagram how she originally put this song together on Garageband. It has come along way since then, and she has now recorded it professionally which was probably the best decision she ever made. 

Liz claims that she wasn’t able to give the support of her friend during a difficult time in the same way he supported her, so she wrote this song as a small appreciation towards him. Knowing the story behind the song really does make it more wholesome and sets the mood into a different perspective. 

Liz talks about how it is really important for her to make music and especially to have a platform where she can talk about the people she cares about so freely whilst being able to create something meaningful and genuine in the result of that.

The song eases you into a sense of just kicking back and going with the flow. You should expect the unexpected through the melancholic sounds. Liz also seems humorous with this track as well when she sings “take all my money” and laughs. It’s really great to see Liz’s fun and creative personality. The combination of Liz’s vibe and the beautiful instrumental is all the sound you will need to listen to all day.

Recently, Liz has been doing online concerts through social media, so she is keeping active during this pandemic. It is difficult for most artists to get themselves out there, but Liz has been wasting no time, partnering up with Dicefm so fans can purchase virtual prints with all the money raised going into future projects which is something to look forward too as we stay tuned in her musical journey. 

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