Monday, February 15, 2021

Jason Derulo Teams up with Adam Levine in thrilling new track ‘’lifestyle’’

The multi-platinum singer Jason Derulo released his magnetic new track ‘’lifestyle’’ featuring grammy award singer Adam Levine. The track was also accompanied with a dance video which premiered in January 2021 on YouTube.

Derulo is back with a bang and has been really active on social media recently, interacting with his fans through daily videos on Tiktok and Instagram, talking and asking questions to his fans.

He has become well known for creating funny and entertaining content for his fans and taking their advice on what to do next. It is an uncommon approach for an artist to get this intimate with their fans, but Derulo breaks the mould and does things completely differently, clear believing in being honest and open about what he is up to and taking his fans along for the ride wherever he goes and whatever he is doing. 

Derulo currently has 42.6 Million followers on Tiktok and 7.5 Million on Instagram which is still growing by the day. He is one of Tiktok’s top 10 superstars and the most popular active platinum-selling musician across the entire platform which is a pretty big deal as he has probably managed to attract a brand new following (as well as keeping his old fans). Since he has had TikTok he has managed to kick off content and trends which get people doing cool videos where they can gain popularity too which benefits them and Jason.

In the new track, Jason and Adam are in pursuit of a woman with expensive taste; repeating the lyrics “you ‘bout that lifestyle, everybody knows diamonds aint got nothin on you”. In the video Jason surrounds himself in gold coins and gold statues. 

The song hits an upbeat groove with a catchy hook ‘’ lalalala lifestyle’.’ You can't help but bust out a couple of moves as Jason Derulo really entertains in the video. He is seen dancing with his back up dancers and hitting a real clean routine. The song could be an internet sensation, but not as of yet. I can imagine people showing off their lifestyles on ‘’tiktok’’ and making it a trend which could quickly become part of Derulo's tactics in getting this song out there to the world. The song could also end up as a catchphrase too - ‘’that’s just my lifestyle’’ - this will create conversations and bring clout to the song. 

Although clubs are not open and parties are cancelled, blast this out loud in your room and live your best life. The beat is really funky and puts you in a good mood at the start of the day. It is a short song at just 2 minutes and 36 seconds so we won’t blame you for sticking this one on repeat!

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